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Plastic surgery is another name of cosmetic surgery that refers to the correction of certain body form or function with the aid of corrective medical specialties. Usually, people refer to plastic surgery as aesthetic surgery and include surgical branches of body-modification and reconstructive surgery.

The word 'plastic', in plastic surgery, refers to molding or shapening of body parts or organs with the help of material known synthetic that is actually referred to as plastic.

To talk in the historical terms, Sushruta is considered the pioneer of plastic surgery. He made many vital contributions in the arena of plastic surgery during the 6th century BC. His precious and enlightening works on plastic surgery have been translated into Arabic language during the Abbasid Caliphate in 750 AD. These Arabic works are available in several languages for references thus spreading into the intermediaries.

Since various processes of plastic surgery involves great pain and chances of infection, the use and application of sterile techniques and disinfectants. Various techniques and procedures that are involved into plastic surgery comply with transference to skin tissue, also called skin grafting. This is one of the common procedures that are followed in plastic surgery. The skin grafts for the plastic surgery are taken from the suitable donors. To know more about the kinds of grafts taken up by plastic surgery - auto-grafts are derived from the patient himself or herself. Allo-grafts are derived from the donor of the similar species, while xeno-grafts are derived from the donor who belongs to some different species.

Reconstructive surgery is that category of plastic surgery that is performed in order to correct or rectify the physical deformities caused due to traumatic injuries, burns, facial-bone fractures, developmental and congenital abnormalities, diseases and infections, tumors, cancer etc. Plastic surgery involving reconstruction is basically performed thus to improve certain function or to impart normal appearance of any of the distorted body part or organ.

Some of the most prevalent and preferred kinds of plastic surgeries include:

Abdominoplasty - The reshaping of abdomen
Blepharoplasty - The reshaping or enhancement of the eyelids.
Mammoplasty - The enhancement of breasts.
Mastopexy - The lifting of breasts by removal prevalent fat tissues.

These are some of the forms of plastic surgery that people can opt for.

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